Don’t talk with your mouth full!

“In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet.” ~ Winston Churchill 

We teach children to communicate but how often do we listen to what they say?

One thing that is very obvious when you teach is that children all need a different mix of things to reach their full potential. You could say that they all have special needs to use a much abused phrase. Sometimes it takes a great deal of coaxing to get a child to write 100 words on a subject. I know that I used to regard a 500 word essay as an unattainable goal, a full half thousand words. Now I find it barely enough to warm up to a subject.

One child who has clearly no problem communicating is the blogger known as Veg (from Veritas Ex Gusto – Latin for “the truth is in the tasting”. We know very little about this young lady because she very sensibly has not posted much information about herself but she writes with a charming honesty and great humour. Her subject is school meals – she documented what she was served for lunch each day. The blog was a runaway success and it is well worth a read:

One of the things that comes out in her writing is the efforts that the school has gone to when trying to improve the food served to its students. It is clear that they made great progress. It is, in my opinion, a shame that the school has now told Veg not to blog about her food any more.

We teach a child to speak and then to write and then we tell them to shut up. Something about that seems wrong when they have so much to say.

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